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Comments from Authors and Editors

�After I decided to add an index to my book, I began searching online and found Laura's website through the Editorial Freelancers Association. Encouraged by the glowing comments about her work, I requested a quote. From her first email, Laura was friendly, punctual, and thorough�just as her other customers had said. Her choices in word and phrase selection infused art into the technical details of indexing to create accessible entries. Beyond these skills, Laura was professional, fair and kind, and she went the extra mile to enhance my book. I'm so pleased with her index!� Hillary Harshman, author of College Without the Campus: Earn Your Degree While Saving Time and Money

�With this letter you will find your personal copy of Bangkok Guide, edition #19. I hope you will find this book doubly satisfying, knowing that your skills made it the most applauded edition we�ve ever produced. Serious users are already purchasing the new edition at book stores and one of the comments we are getting is that the index is superb!� Jim Fowler, Managing Director, Veritas Enterprises Ltd.

�Laura came highly recommended as an indexer from a colleague. But working with her was even better than I had expected. Her indexing work was thorough and sensitive to the specifics of my discipline and topic, including the extensive use of German in the book. She also proof-read the entire manuscript in the process of indexing, essentially giving me two jobs for the price of one. She found a number of small yet important errors that even the publisher's proofreaders had overlooked, and she helped make references consistent throughout. She was so punctual that she helped keep me punctual! Finally, her genuine curiosity about the topics she's indexing makes her a concerned reader; it's a pleasure to communicate with her. I cannot say enough good things about her work and highly recommend her.� David Imhoof, author of Becoming a Nazi Town: Culture and Politics in G�ttingen Between the World Wars

�Because she had an excellent grasp of my fundamental message, she was able to create an index that leads the reader through the book in the same way that an experienced scout might lead people through a wilderness, pointing out important trails and landmarks along the way. The result is a work of absolute beauty that can turn your work from an interesting book into an indispensable research tool. In addition, she makes the task of indexing both an exact science and a creative art.� Ray Silverman, Ph.D. The Core of Johnny Appleseed

�Thank you for putting so much thought into this index; I'm always impressed with how reader-friendly your indexes are.� Jade Zora Scibilia, Senior Editor, Prometheus Books

"Laura�s objective is to provide quality service to her clients. What Laura offers on her website is exactly what you will get and much more . . . prompt responses, edits, client satisfaction and going an extra mile!" Jane Waithera, author of Organizational Communication and Project Management in Project Uhuru & NARC's 100 Days

�As for this whole project, I want you to know that I truly enjoyed working with you. You are an excellent professional. Prompt, focused, competent, and creative. You are really interested in the client's satisfaction, and it came through in every aspect of our exchanges. I've worked with several indexers in the last 8 years, and I say with conviction, you are the best. You have won our trust, and we'll have many more projects for you in the future.� John Zerio, Professor Thunderbird-American Graduate School of International Management and editor of Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy

"Thank you for a fabulous proofread on Preemie Parents! It's great to work with someone so astute and so completely in tune with each project.... You did a great job on the index as well as the exemplary proofreading! A million thanks!" Mark Chimsky-Lustig, Editor-in-Chief, Books, Sellers Publishing.

"Laura is a major contributor to the success of the Documentation Services Programs� Jesse Whiteman, Westinghouse Energy Center

�It�s so nice to work with someone who knows and cares what is going on with a project.� Tammy Norton, DovGraphics

�Now that the book is done, I wanted to say the following about Laura's indexing. Her work added great strength to the book. It has done exactly what an index should do, providing the reader with an indispensable resource. I was astonished at the speed and thoroughness with which the structure, themes and content of The Losing Battle with Islam were grasped, and the mass of detail in it ordered in the index. She was also a pleasure to work with. It was the kind of collaboration which most authors hope for, and rarely get.� David Selbourne, Losing Battle with Islam

�Laura did a terrific job, and I feel that now, with her brilliant reference/index solution this book is as complete as possible. Amy Rosenberg, HIPPY USA

�Although indexing is your primary forte, we found your proofreading and copyediting services just as remarkably superlative. Our staff refers to you as �Laser-Eye� Laura due to how razor-sharp and meticulous you are with details. We highly recommend your services to those professionals who just cannot afford to compromise standards of excellence. And the best part: extremely low, pocketbook-friendly PRICES. You�re simply the best! And we will continue using your services with the rest of out forthcoming titles.� Dwayne Williams, President, TruBooks Publishing, LLC

�I have to tell you that the editors here and their authors are all raving about your work. Everybody is very pleased, and I�m particularly happy with your quick turn-around. I think we�ve thrown you a few curves, but you came through with flying colors.� Chris Kramer, Prometheus Books

"I'm glad you are my indexer, because your thoroughness will add significantly to the quality of the final product... Thanks for your assiduous application!" Leonard Levin (Translator/Editor for Reasons for the Commandments and Ideas of Modern Jewish Culture), Jewish Theological Seminary

�I was really happy when the author backed out in doing this index because I knew you would probably get it, and the text could use a little extra TLC.� Peggy Deemer, Prometheus Books

"Laura Shelley, as always, is an essential part of the team. Her talents as copy editor and indexer are matched only by her enthusiasm. She always has her eye out for just that right author or topic that might add a unique aspect to the books. To Laura, I extend my hearty thanks." Sherrie Bolin, Editor, Preface to The Standards Edge: Future Generations.

"You did a superb job of indexing our multi-volume books. The thing that impressed me the most was the extra effort you took to make sure everything you did was accurate." George Sutton, Sycamore Productions, Hoover's Handbooks

�I am so glad that my book was delayed by 1 year. I would have never produced the product that I have, if Laura Shelley had not been a part of this project. She brought a clear and concise understanding to my book. She is effective, conscientious, caring and professional. I highly recommend Shelley Indexing to any and everyone who is publishing a book�especially, self-publishers. Shelley Indexing is a professional full services company. I will never consider writing a book unless Shelley Indexing is on the team.� De Lacy Davis, Black Cops Against Police Brutality: A Crisis Action Plan

�The indexes are uncommonly thorough.� School Library Journal review of Colonial America: An Encyclopedia of Social, Political, Cultural, and Economic History (5 volumes).

�Laura is a true professional. During the editing process of my Take Brave Steps project, she expressed a personal interest in the success of my book and exceeded my expectations with her level and quality of service. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in the book industry is a true asset to any writer.� Ron Gardner Take Brave Steps for Stroke Survivors and Families

�I talked to the author last week, and he had actually asked about the indexing. I told him you are very thorough and you create excellent indexes. He should be very pleased with your work!" Mariel Bard, Prometheus Books

�I'm very impressed with how thorough the indexer was, especially with concepts and themes and not just names and terms.� Grace Ai-Ling Chou, Confucianism, Colonialism, and the Cold War: Chinese Cultural Education at Hong Kong�s New Asia College 1949-76 (Brill)

�Good luck with your work, and thank you again for making the index to my book so useful and thorough - it really adds to the book enormously and gives it sticking power!� Maggie Jackson, Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age (Prometheus Books)